Shirataki Keto Rice 200g

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Low carb and virtually calorie-free rice substitute. It is natural, mostly made of water and Konjac plant. Its dietary fiber, glucomannan, is highly water-soluble making it very low in calories and in carbohydrates. It has gelatinous texture and translucent appearance, different from that of regular rice. It is taste-free and easily absorbs flavors from sauces and soups. It can be used as rice alternative along with a choice of spices, sauce, or seasonings to bring out the goodness of taste. Satisfy your craving and hunger pangs without the need to worry about carb and calorie intake. This miracle rice can very much do without gaining another extra pound. Serve it as fried rice substitute, mix in your recipes for stir fry, in sushi’s, porridge, risotto, or anything to replace rice with.

How to Cook Shirataki Rice:- In a sieve or sifter, drain the water and rinse thoroughly under tap water- Boil in water for 1-2 minutes then drain. With an absorbent paper towel, take out excess water- Pan fry or stir fry with veggies and choice of sauce or let simmer with soups- Enjoy this guilt-free goodness! 
Shirataki Rice Konnyaku  Konjac  
Low Carb Keto 200 grams (drained weight)
Zero Net Carbs Virtually No (Very Low) Calorie Food
Gluten Free
Cholesterol Free